2020-2021 Competition

Round 1: Ideate

Submissions for the competition were due in October 2020 and there were more than 60 compelling and impressive submissions for this year's competition. After long and difficult deliberations judges narrowed down the round 1 submissions, and selected ten teams for both the Start-up Venture and Greater West Dayton Social Venture tracks.

Round 2: Inspire

During the second round, team conducted market research and gathered community input on their venture concepts. In January 2021, teams gave 5 minute presentations to a panel of judges via Zoom. After deliberation, judges narrowed the tops down to 5 teams per track to move on to the final round.

Round 3: Iterate

During the final round, the 5 teams from each track will be paired with industry specific mentors. Redesign/further define concepts using new insights from the previous round and market research to prepare a business plan. Teams will deliver a live 20-minute pitch presentation to a panel of judges. Teams must demonstrate growth, include the amount of funds being requested to implement the concept, how the knowledge gained from the competition process will influence how the funds will be used to implement the concept successfully, and returns on investment.


The final presentation will take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021. Stay tuned for more information about how to access the live presentation. 

Contact Us:

Connie Neace

Event Coordinator 

(937) 229-3798


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