Startup Track:

  1. Bailout Systems

  2. Advanced & Innovative Multifunctional Materials LLC (AIMMI)

  3. Kilele Health LLC

  4. Lunnie

  5. Miles Ahead Energy LLC

  6. Open Bay Autos

  7. Curified

  8. Poopcicle

  9. Vizors, LLC

  10. Mailcure

  11. Better Water

  12. OrthoRev

GWDI Social Venture Track:

  1. West Dayton Strong Camp in Community: Reading, Rhythm & Recreation

  2. Unemotional

  3. Made By Missy

  4. Fail Me Not Tutoring

  5. Sweena’s Sweets

  6. Head Over Heels: Model Academy

  7. Montgomery County Community Band

  8. SoLoved

  9. League Bound Prevention Institute

  10. Dayton Demo Designs

Competition Stages


Stage 1: Ideate (October)

Submit an application, and/or video, of the team's idea or business concept. Team’s application must clearly identify the problem, frame the problem, and identify the opportunity. A panel of qualified judges will review applications and select 10 teams for each track (mid October). 

Submission deadline: October 15, 2021 at 11:59pm


  • Submission Form 

Stage 2: Inspire (November-January)

Teams will be expected to gain new insights by conducting market research (start-up venture track) or engaging with the community (social venture track) for feedback on conceptual design. Based on the team's ability to gain new insights and/or engage the community for input, a panel of judges will advance 5 teams for each track. 



  • 1:1 Conversation with Judges

  • Report as a result of the discovery process 

  • Report Requirements

    • Venture Overview

    • Outline your discovery process and market research results 

      • Explanation of how insights would be incorporated into venture’s design

    • Lean Canvas Model



  • $500 (start-up venture track) or $500 (social venture track) to help continue to move the idea forward. 

  • Complimentary membership access to the GWDI and The Hub for the duration of competition participation.

Stage 3: Iterate (January-March) and Implement (April)

The 5 teams from each track will be paired with industry specific mentors. Redesign/further define concepts using new insights from the previous round and market research to prepare a business plan. Teams will deliver a live 20-minute pitch presentation to a panel of judges. Teams must demonstrate growth, include the amount of funds being requested to implement the concept, how the knowledge gained from the competition process will influence how the funds will be used to implement the concept successfully, and returns on investment. 



  • Full Business Plan and Live Pitch

  • Plan Requirements

    • Overview of business

    • Startup costs for enture and length of launch

    • What resources venture needs from an investor 

    • What returns an investor can expect

    • Tagline of venture

  • Pitch Requirements

    • 20 minute live presentation

    • 10 minute Q&A with judges



  • $102,500 allocated by the judges (start-up venture track) and $10,000 Community Choice Award, $10,000 allocated by judges. 

  • Finalists from the start-up venture track will receive $25,000 in support services from The Entrepreneur’s Center. 

  • Finalist teams will have the option of receiving a year long coworking membership at The Hub and/or GWDI.


Expectations for Finalist Teams

It is imperative that ALL teams advancing to the Iterate stage adhere to the participation expectations outlined below. This ensures fairness as well as helps teams do the best that they can in the competition. Specifically:


  • Finalist teams MUST meet with their assigned mentors as appropriate throughout the Iterate stage.

  • Finalist teams MUST complete (if asked) up to five periodic status reports throughout the competition.

  • Finalist teams MUST attend one FLYER PITCH finalist dress rehearsal/coaching session prior to making their final pitch presentations.

  • Finalist teams must submit their initial slide show two days before their assigned dress rehearsal session.

  • Finalist teams must submit a rough draft of their business plan by January 8, 2022.

  • Finalist teams MUST submit their final business plan and PowerPoint presentation by April 1, 2022.

  • Finalist teams MUST present their pitch their business plan live at the FLYER PITCH Finals on April 9, 2022.