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Rules and Eligibility

The Flyer Pitch Competition is open to all Dayton faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the Greater Dayton region. You do not need to be a business major to apply.  This is a team-based competition (teams can range from 1-8 individuals). An individual may be a member of a maximum of TWO competition entries (judged separately on each) but may only be on ONE finalist team. Team members may come from anywhere, subject to the restrictions and eligibility requirements below.

  • Anyone may participate in the Inspire or Ideate stages of the competition. 

    • Teams cannot include students who are currently serving a University disciplinary suspension.

    • An individual may be a member of a maximum of two (2) competition entries (judged separately on each) but may only be on one (1) finalist team.

    • By entering the Flyer Pitch Competition, participants acknowledge that funds awarded by the competition are intended for the purposes of funding the business concept entered.

    • If a team wants prize monies to be paid to a company or nonprofit, then firm ID and tax numbers must be submitted upon acceptance into the competition.

    • Prize package money will be awarded to the company or nonprofit unless otherwise specified.

  • By entering the Flyer Pitch Competition, applicants agree to allow the University of Dayton to use their application materials, photos, likenesses, and presentations to market, promote, and provide information about the competition.

  • By entering the Flyer Pitch Competition, participants acknowledge that they must conform to the technology specifications detailed by the competition for the submission of competition materials (e.g., PowerPoint, document, etc. submissions). Further, while the competition will work to ensure proper technology functioning throughout the competition, we do not guarantee it.

  • Any submission that is deemed discriminatory in nature will be automatically disqualified. 

  • After Round 1 each team must include a student, faculty, staff, or alumni of UD.

Project and Idea Eligibility Guidelines

The competition reserves the right to disqualify business plans that fail to adhere to competition rules or are inconsistent with the values and mission of the University of Dayton as a Catholic institution of higher education. The following guidelines were created to clarify what is and is not acceptable for the competition. Each entry is vetted by members of the competition eligibility committee, who make the final determination whether or not the entry meets acceptable guidelines.

  • All work must be the original work of the applicants--proposals and plans that- constitute “academic dishonesty” will be disqualified even if discovered after the competition ends.

  • If the application involves an existing venture, major start-up event (e.g. first sales) dates should be 36 months old or newer, at the time of the competition's launch. Researching the business and discussing it with others are not generally considered major startup events.

  • All plans must be based on a legitimate business enterprise--ventures that involve breaking the law as part of their business model are prohibited (e.g., music piracy).

  • Plans or any venture that requires a liquor license to be legal, or whose primary purpose is the promotion or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs, is prohibited. Plans that conflict with University values are prohibited, including but not limited to the following: 

    • Payday loan/check cashing companies

    • Gambling

    • Events/activities featuring violence

    • Pornography

  • All plans must be a startup.

    • Purchasing a current venture, including business opportunities and franchises, is prohibited.

  • Plans involving pyramid-based marketing are prohibited.

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